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Laligurans Security Services Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to Laligurans Security Service Pvt. Ltd. We are a Top list Certified Company and one of the first ten companies, to be registered under the Nepal Government Company Act, 2013 and the Nepal Private Security Agencies Regulation and Rules. We are ideal located in Kathmandu-14, Kalanki, Kathmandu Nepal.  our various quality improvement initiatives throughout the year where each employee is made aware of the set standards. Our team professionals, senior officers from armed forces, Police and civil administration. Our team of professionally trained team of senior officers from own forces, police and civil administration who are responsible for executing different security services as per the requirements of our clients. We provide security services as per the requirements of our clients.From Human Resource perspective Contract Guard Service is one of the choice of customer to be free from various security management obligations such as uniform, replacements, insurance and other liabilities. Laligurans Security Service  is one of the best security company in Kathmandu valley. It is also true that customer has equal option to recruit security personnel in proprietary to manage security according to the organizational rules. But in day to day duties such as leaves, emergency, specific function etc, proprietary guard may not be appropriate in larger business organizations. Without proper selection of security staff, the management may face reoccurring security related issues. So to handle such issues Laligurans Security has been one of the best company in Nepal. We have been serving hundreds of valuable governmental and nongovernmental organization through careful training, selection, experienced security guards that is the result why laligurans Security is the best security company in Kathmandu. Furthermore it is easier to develop security plans and procedures for any organization with a contract guard company with mutual cooperation that adds multiple security experiences from the company’s side. During building security policies laligurans security is the best as it has history of 19 years experiences with more than 1000 governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

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Dear Customers/Friends,Namaste and a Warm Welcome to Laligurans Security Service  Pvt.ltd. Our Reliability honesty, accuracy, close communication and commitment is our main asset.We are a well established and acknowledged as a quality service provider and well respected by our customer and competitors for our technical knowledge and logistical ability, as well as our enviable record on service and attention detail.We are committed to offer cost effective integrated security & other services to our clients as per their individual requirement.Thanking you and looking forward to meet you at our office.

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